Our Mission

We want to educate, empower and embrace East Asian cultures while inspiring inclusivity and positivity.

Why East Asia?

In light of recent negativity towards the East Asian community, we were inspired to create this organization and encourage support in our identities.
We plan to spotlight different parts of our cultures and build a welcoming environment.

Meet Kori the Koinobori!

The Koinobori is an integral part of traditional celebrations in Japanese history.
Its name is made up of two words: "Koi" & "Nobori", meaning carp & flag.

The importance behind the koi stems from an ancient legend about a school of fish swimming upstream.
The carp fought against the current to travel to the end of the river but eventually discovered the source was a long waterfall.
Many fish gave up at the realization, but a remaining few chose to keep going, leaping and swimming up from the river in many attempts to reach the top.

The carp symbolizes strength, courage, & perseverance due to its ability to accomplish its goals and swim upstream despite the current.

The Koinobori streamers first originated from the time of the samurai as a way to pray for the strength and health of growing boys in battle.
Today, families fly the Koinobori as a lucky symbol for children of any gender.
The displays of these colourful streamers can often be found between late April and early May as decorations for Children's Day, a Japanese holiday on May 5th.